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Tell us your product

Please provide us all relevant information that we need to know about your product for us to effectively evaluate its sales potential. This include among others, product brochures, pricing guidelines and quality information. Sample product may be required.

We'll tell you about the market

Based on the information provided, we will tell you about the competition, its annual sales volume and value and your opportunities as well as potential sales in short and long term expectations.


We will provide you plans of actions, timelines and objectives to accomplish and the expenses that will be incurred for your approval. Revisions may be done until we drafted final contract to promote the common interest of both parties.


We will introduce your products to local customers. Depending on what was agreed upon, we will perform sales and marketing strategies to importers, or wholesalers or retailers or all of them.


Let us evaluate the successes we have accomplished as well as those which still has room for improvement. Let's continue what we have started for a long term business relationship and for your brand to continuosly create an impact to your customers in the Philippines.

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Cebu Merchants Inc.

Talamban Road, Cebu City 6000 Philippines

Telephone: +63.915.945.4646

Email: [email protected]

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